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Thermal Survey

Thermal surveys are a process used to identify faults within an electrical installation.

What are the benefits?

Thermal surveys makes it possible to identify electrical defects such as loose connections and over loaded circuits (which is the most common cause of electrical fires), transformer faults and motor winding faults.

A thermal survey inspects electrical equipment including distribution fuseboards, MCB boards, contactors,switch boards, transformers, motors, battery banks, control panels, switch fuses and isolators whilst the equipment is in operation, causing no disruption to a client’s business operations.

Electrical thermography can be used for routine maintenance and inspect areas not accessible to provide any insurance requirements. This allows for the early detection of faults and issues that could prevent risks to health and the environment.

Any reduction or failure within electrical infrastructures can have a damaging consequence which creates unnecessary downtime and long-term financial impact.

Current Compliance offers a discreet and planned approach when undertaking a thermal survey during normal working hours and conditions.

Our engineers will give an honest and accurate reading, communicate the current situation of the power source and any future corrective work which needs to take place to preserve safe conditions.

The completed inspection and report will highlight and identify areas where immediate or longer-term maintenance plans should be put in place.

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