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Private Landlords

Private landlords are responsible for making sure their rental properties are electrically safe. At Current Compliance, we offer practical advice to help landlords keep tenants safe.

Five Yearly Electrical Checks

From 1st June 2020, across England, private landlords are required to have their rental properties electrical installation checked by a qualified electrician to make sure they are safe.

What does this mean?

  • Electrical installations must be inspected and tested before a new tenant moving in from 1st July 2020
  • By the 1st April 2021, checks must be carried out on any existing tenancies.
  • Checks must be carried out every 5 years.
  • New or retained tenants need to have a copy of the most recent electrical safety condition report (EICR).

Landlords are also responsible for making sure that the electrician who completes the check is a member of an accredited registration scheme operated by a recognised body.

Covid-19 Pandemic

If the Coronavirus crisis affects the timescale for the introduction of five-yearly electrical checks in privately rented homes, we will update this page accordingly.

Register Your Appliances 

Are you providing electrical appliances as a part of the rental agreement?

Make sure all appliances are registered with the manufacturer. This means that if there’s a manufacturing fault, the manufacturer can contact you. If a tenant brings any electrical items into the property, you should also advise your tenants to register the electrical products with the manufacturer.

Current Compliance also recommends…

  • That inspection of the property is conducted between old and new tenancies
  • Making sure that your property has adequate residual current device protection
  • Having a qualified, registered electrician to carry out any work on your property

Having regular safety checks on any electrical appliances provided with the rental agreement.

Current Compliance provides full transparency with no hidden costs


  • EICR – £100 + VAT
  • EICR + PAT – £120 + VAT 

Landlords HMO package £250 + VAT

Price includes

  • EICR
  • PAT
  • Emergency light test
  • Fire alarm test
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